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A few years ago, I experienced a head injury that temporarily disrupted my ability to read and write coherently. After a week, the first sentence I was able to write was, "My work must be fun". At that time, I was a health promotion consultant for a government agency; nutrition columnist, and an international speaker. Reading and writing volumes of predominantly procedural or "serious" material was the way I supported my children, and paid for my home. Suddenly my brain rebelled; and, a humorous little poem was the first 'serious' thing I was able to complete.

Over the years, writing poetry not only helped me re-build my scholarly and procedural writing, it forged a new persona, Sista C, the WordBeat poet.

It is now the 22nd anniversary of my life-disrupting rebirth.

This site is a gathering place for you to see photos, or be linked to videos, of the performance poetry events I host through Mustardseed Ministries, WordBeat Worldwide, or in collaboration with other creative artists. It is also a site for submitting your work for viewer feedback and consideration for publication in our quarterly anthologies. There will be special announcements in the "EEC Coffeehouse" to let you know the theme and timeframe.

My motto is: Have words will travel.

I look forward to our having many enjoyable exchanges through your interaction with my site.
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